Sunday, August 21, 2011


Day 71: Trying to get to the town by the water

When we were on a tour in Chiang Mai, we met a girl who told us about a little town on the coast of Vietnam that we should definitely visit. So we took her advice and decided to go to Mui Ne. The bus only goes three times a day, so we tried to get on the morning bus but it was completely booked, so with difficulty, we got tickets on the afternoon bus when a passenger cancelled at the last minute. By 8:30am, the heat was already becoming unbearable! We were on the hunt for a cord for our camera, but were warned that everything in Vietnam is a copy, so we took the risk and bought one since we really needed it! 

So we had breakfast, rested in our room, and then walked around Ho Chi Minh. We had lunch at a restaurant and then picked up our bags from the hotel and got on the bus to Mui Ne. The bus ride was over 6 hours long with three stops for snacks and a meal. By the time we arrived in Mui Ne, we checked into our hotel, walked around for a few minutes and arranged tomorrow’s activities before heading to bed. 

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