Friday, August 19, 2011

Around town

Day 58: Biking

Since we’re only here for a short time, we decided to not be lazy bums today! We got up in the morning, rented bikes at a shop nearby, and jumped on for a bike tour of Singapore. Kyung and Nate led the way, and for a few hours, we had a leisurely ride through town, by the water, on city streets and sidewalks, and down to a huge park by the water, where we stopped for a well-deserved lunch and break. After refueling, we rode the few hours back home.

Singapore is so named because the founder of Singapore thought he saw a lion on the shore of the island (which was actually more likely a tiger) and thus named the town Singh (meaning lion in Sanskrit) Pur (meaning town) – and thus became Singapore. The city is amazing, with enormous skyscrapers, modern architecture, and an incredible sense of cleanliness. We could see ourselves in this city. We rode our bikes down the F1 track (on race days, the city streets close down and the track goes through the city!). The whole city was getting ready to celebrate their National Day and on the track, we had the chance to enjoy a drum group rehearsing for the big day.

For dinner, Kyung took us to a local restaurant, and afterwards, we went back to the city center to meet up with another friend of ours from New York (Sheetal), along with her husband. We had a drink together (the beer is extremely expensive in Singapore!) and tried to stay out as long as we could, and made it a little past 1am before we had to call it a night.

We were supposed to book our ticket out of Singapore for tomorrow, but that didn’t exactly happen, so we’ve decided to stay here another night! It feels like home with Kyung and Nate, and it’s hard to leave when you’re so comfortable!
 New casino in town
Skyscraper skyline
"Lion town" statue
Nate and Kyung

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