Friday, August 19, 2011

Island hopping

Day 62: Cruising

This morning, we got up and headed over to the pier for our cruise around the islands. On the boat, we got our snorkeling gear and then headed out to our first destination: Monkey Island. Our boat anchored and we kayaked to the island, where we were supposed to see tons of monkeys but sadly didn’t see any (later on, we found out others on our boat had seen tons of monkeys!). Then, we snorkeled a bit by the boat and continued to two other islands, where we kayaked and snorkeled with tons of beautiful fish in each spot! We had lunch on the boat and cruised by a cave and then stopped by a lagoon. We kayaked into the quiet lagoon and then came back and snorkeled again by the boat. The captain decided to throw some rice into the water and watched the fishes go crazy and swarm the swimmers (including us)! The water everywhere was so clear and the snorkeling was great!

After that, we went to our last stop: Maya Bay. We had to anchor our boat offshore at another bay and swim through rough waters to a rope ladder that we had to climb the rocks with to a set of stairs. Then we had to walk through the island to the other side! Maya Bay is actually the location where the movie The Beach was filmed. There were tons of people on the beach, mostly youngsters, so the experience wasn’t as peaceful as it could have been, but the beach was still beautiful. After the beach, our boat stopped in the middle of the waters to watch an amazing sunset behind the mountains and water, before heading back to Ko Phi Phi Don. 

We went back to our hotel, dropped off our stuff and then went for dinner. After dinner, we walked over to the noisy side of the island, where the bars were just as they had been the night before: with more crazy partiers. The sad thing was there was garbage all over the island everywhere. People were just throwing their plastic cups and garbage in the water and on the beach, and it was really disturbing to see how little everyone cared for their environment. We thought that especially young people would be more aware of pollution and taking care of nature, but we were sadly wrong. I’m sure that the local Island people never hoped for this to happen to their home. We went back for some sleep and quiet (thankfully). 

Fisherman boats on the shore

Kayaking to the beach

Tons of fish around us

Maya Bay

 Sunset at sea

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