Friday, August 19, 2011

Bye Bye, Chiang Mai

Day 66: Templing

It was our last day in Chiang Mai, so we rented a car to take us around to all the temples, which we have not yet had a chance to see, with all the tours we’ve been doing! The morning started off with rain, and we almost had to cancel our visit to the biggest temple at the top of the mountain, but right before our car arrived, the skies cleared up and we were able to make our way up the mountain. The fog was thick, so we couldn’t see the views of the city on the way, but we arrived at the mountain and walked up the many steps to the top, where the temple sat. The temple was beautiful, and we walked around the grounds, and offered a lotus flower, some incense, and a candle, and said a little prayer with a monk blessing us by tying a protective string on our wrist.

We walked back down to our car, and drove over to a small waterfall before going for lunch at a small local restaurant. We then drove around town, visiting many different (but very similar) temples. By the end of our day, we were templed out! 

We made our last stop at the Sunday market just as the rain started coming down in buckets! The market was rained out, and although all the street shops were still open, we walked around a bit before deciding we were done! Our driver took us to the airport, and we caught our flight to Bangkok. 

We arrived at night, and grabbed a taxi to our hotel, where we met Kyung, who decided to meet us in Bangkok for our visit! Our hotel was in the middle of all the action, so we went out, had a quick drink, and then rested up for tomorrow. 

 Doi Suthep temple at the top of the mountain
Buddha statues at one temple

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