Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to the mainland (and we survived!)

Day 63: Travel day

This morning, we had some breakfast and then went to the pier to catch our boat back to Phuket to catch our flight to Chiang Mai! When we arrived, the boat was about to leave (half an hour early!), but we rushed on. This was not the boat we were expecting to get on. It was somewhat smaller than the boat we took to the island, and the enclosed area was downstairs and very claustrophobic so we stayed at the top, which was not covered and had no seats. We sat on the ground as the boat set off on the waters towards Phuket.

As soon as we were on our way, we realized how rough the waters were, and just as we came to this realization, the water started splashing into the boat and onto us (since the whole top was open). Soon, we were holding onto the rails, and sitting in a layer of water. Gaurav went down to check on the situation below and apparently people were vomiting everywhere, so we were much better off at the top. The painfully rocky ride took two hours and we just prayed that we would reach safely. 

Finally, soaked from head to toe and fighting off seasickness, we arrived at the Phuket pier. We disembarked from the boat, and hopped into our van transport to the airport, where we waited 8 hours for our flight! We arrived in Chiang Mai late at night, checked into our hotel, and went to bed, happy to not be taking any form of transit for a few days.

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