Friday, August 19, 2011

Island layover

Day 60: Stopover in Phuket

So we finally got out of relaxation mode and started back on our Southeast Asia tour. And what better place to resume than on a beach in Thailand! We got on our flight to Phuket this afternoon, but the boat we had to take to our island was not running until tomorrow, so even though we didn’t want to stay in Phuket, (too commercial) we had no choice but to stay the night.

We took a van from the airport to Kata Beach, walked around looking for a hotel (but finally booked one online), dropped our stuff off, and walked to the beach. We were so happy to find the beach almost devoid of tourists, unlike some of the towns we had passed by on the way here. The waves were high and the water was so warm, and we were lucky to arrive in time to watch the beautiful sunset! Gaurav enjoyed the water while Rachna relaxed on the beach. Then, we walked through town and had an amazing Thai dinner before going back to our hotel. We had a good feeling about Thailand.
Sunset on Kata Beach

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