Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Intense heat

Day 76: More templing

This morning we had breakfast and headed out for the day on our tuktuk to see… more temples! We went to two places we hadn’t gone to before, and walked through old temple ruins with huge trees growing inside, on top of, and through them! The trees were so big, and we could see their roots finding their way in and around the ceilings and walls. It was spectacular and just what we had come to Cambodia to see! The temples we saw were beautiful and made us wonder how they must have looked at their prime. The sense of awe was back. It was also interesting to learn that countries around the world had each, in essence, “adopted” a temple to restore to help with restoration efforts. It shows the importance of these temples and their historical significance.

We went back to Angkor Wat to see some of the ruins we missed yesterday and afterwards, returned to the hotel, had some lunch, and rested after walking around all day in the intense heat. 

In the evening, we went to town, where we walked around the shops and the touristy area. We had dinner at a cute little restaurant and then walked around the night market before going back to the hotel. 

 Trees growing around the temple ruins

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