Friday, August 19, 2011

Slow start in Singapore

Day 57: Little India

We took it easy this morning after all the go-go-go of the last little while. Around lunchtime, we went with Kyung (Gaurav’s friend who we’re staying with) to Little India and had some much-missed Indian food. It was yummy, but not as good as mom’s home-cooked meals, of course! We walked around a bit in the area and grabbed some groceries, as Rachna was given the mission to teach Kyung how to cook masala chicken! The grocery store we went to was huge: it had multiple floors and long aisles with seemingly no end that were organized in a manner only a few insiders could probably understand.

We’ve decided to leave back our luggage in Singapore and travel the rest of our trip with only a small backpack each, so on our way back, we used our finely tuned bargaining skills and bought a small backpack for Rachna. We went back home and relaxed for the better part of the evening, and cooked dinner a little later. After our tasty meal, we opted to be couch potatoes for the rest of the night! Relaxing feels so good! 
 People drying their clothes on rods out of their windows

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