Sunday, August 21, 2011

A quiet little town

Day 72: The Sahara in Vietnam

We woke up this morning around 4am for our jeep pickup at 5am to catch the sunrise but completely missed it! In any case, we headed over to the white sand dunes that this area is known for. When we arrived, it was amazing – it looked like the Sahara desert! The sand dunes were so vast and it was peaceful walking along them. There were not that many tourists (we may have missed the sunrise rush) so it was nice and quiet. Gaurav decided to run down the sand dunes and when he got to the bottom, the camera that was in his pocket wouldn’t turn on because sand had gotten into the lens. Sigh.

After the sand dunes, we walked over to a lake that was full of lotus flowers, aptly named Lotus Lake. Then we went back into town to the yellow sand dunes, which are sand dunes that are more centrally located (and where there are therefore many more tourists). We walked along those as well, and then our driver took us over to a fishing village, where we watched fisherman on the waters catching fish and bringing their catch back to shore, where the wives waited for them. The wives would then sort through the catch and take it up to the town to sell. It was cool to see the whole process.

Our final stop was a shallow stream that we walked all along in the ankle-deep water, with hard sand formations on either side of us, and red sand (almost like quicksand) in some areas. As with everywhere else, some kids tried to act like guides and convince us the water was really deep because you cannot see the bottom, when in fact it was ankle-deep throughout! Cunning little fellas! The entire stream was quite breathtaking and we walked on for a while before returning to our jeep and going back to our hotel.

Since it was still really early, we had some breakfast and then relaxed for a bit before heading over to the beach. Gaurav enjoyed the water and the waves, and then we sat on the beach for a while. After that, we went for dinner at a restaurant nearby, booked some stuff online, and chatted with the very sweet receptionist, Hang, for a while before heading to bed. It was a nice, relaxing day and we were happy we came to this little town.
Sand dunes

Fishermen bringing in their boats

 "Fairy stream"

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